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When You Got To Do A Cardio Day

As you should know by now, I. HATE. CARDIO. No exaggeration. But I have also stressed the point that you should NOT stop doing cardio, however much you hate it. Recently I have been slacking. I’ve probably only been doing it once a week if I’m being honest (twice if I have to run for my train; which I do class as cardio if I’m desperate. It’s not really). Cardio is extremely important for just blasting that fat all over your body and keeping your heart healthy.

I’ve been telling you that you should never stop the cardio but I haven’t been following it. So today, I followed my own advice and did cardio. In all honesty, it wasn’t that bad. I actually felt better after I did it. I changed up my routine to something that I have never done before. I tried it out. It could have gone all wrong but it was actually fine and I surprisingly quite enjoyed it.

My Routine

  • 10 minutes of cycling – I used the setting on the machine that meant that I could do incline cycling as well. I set it at a level 5.
  • 5 minute of incline walking – I walked at 10% incline on the treadmill at 5.5 km/h.
  • Straight into HIIT – I did 30 second sprint at a 0% incline 13km/h. 30 seconds rest. Repeated this 5 times.
  • Back to 5 minutes of incline walking


My Recommendation for you

Obviously, my body is used to me running for a long period of time (even though I haven’t run in months) so I was able to adapt to this routine quite easily. If you find it difficult please do not push yourself. If you want to follow this workout then please adjust it to whatever feels comfortable for you. If you can’t sprint for that long, then make the sprint shorter but keep the breaks the same. If you can sprint for that length of time but can’t do the amount of reps then please do not push yourself too far. You can build up your stamina with time!


Did I die?

Yes. YES!! I died. As I said, I avoid cardio as much as possible so to do that after doing pure weight training was intense but that is what you need. You need to shock the body into doing more work than usual and burning a lot more calories. The beauty about the treadmill is that I can do a HIIT session on one machine instead of the same old running. I don’t need to think of a routine, it’s quite self-explanatory. You could do the same on a bike or even a rowing machine. As long as you do intense exercise for a short period of time, take a short break and then repeat, you’re doing the right thing.



Megan xoxo


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