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Reasons Why You Should Not Be Lifting Heavy

Ok I admit. For men, yes. If you want to bulk up and get the biggest muscles in the gym then you should definitely be lifting them heavy weights and really trying to strain your muscles. Ladies, no. A big fat, ugly NO.

It goes without saying. It all depends on what your goal is. My goal has constantly been to reduce my body fat percentage and lose extra weight. Some of you may already have done that; then in which case, you should scroll further down this article as the top bit doesn’t apply to you.

Lifting weights can help two things; lose fat and gain muscle. Depending on which one you are aiming for, depends how heavy the weight you are lifting is. I will explain.


Losing Fat

I personally use weights as a way to lose body fat. You can do this by performing something called low weights and high reps. In short, this means you pick a lower weight but repeat it more times. You might think that sounds easy but trust me, you. will. feel. the. burn. Nevertheless, this must be done. What this does is, it works the muscle to ensure that your muscle mass is maintained while working on reducing some of the fat. This sounds like a miracle but trust me, you will still need to do cardio in order to burn general fat everywhere on your body.

Gaining Muscle

Some of you may be thinking ‘I don’t want to lose anymore fat. I want to gain the muscle’. Well then this process will be slightly different. If you want to gain muscle then you will  simply need to lift higher weights. Ignore everything I said before, that does not apply to you. I am sure that you can still gain muscle from doing low weights and high reps as you are still working the muscle, but this is not the most effective way. The most effective way is to get your toned booty into the man section (free weight section) and lift them weights to the best of your ability. It goes without saying that your form still needs to be bang on perfect and you need to be able to do a full set (10 reps). Not just one. That will not accomplish anything. If your form is not on, you will have an injury and won’t be able to work out for a week.


Every athlete will change-up their routine from time to time. They may go through a period of burning fat using weights and then change a few weeks later to focusing on gaining muscle. Some will do both in the same session. It is all down to personal preference and how you feel about your body. Regardless of what others think.


Megan xoxo


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