Hello October!

So October is finally here! I can’t believe the summer has practically gone and we are coming into the autumn/winter months!!

This is the time where I reevaluate everything that I have achieved/done throughout the year and what else there is to do. I make new workout plans and go back through my diet and figure out where to improve. Like, for example, I have a new job which I am starting in two weeks. I went through every aspect of my life and decided where to improve. One was my job. Now, the question is, what do you want to improve on? I tend to categorise my thinking as follows:

  • Home life
  • Work
  • Fitness
  • Hobbies

Home Life

Home life includes things like furniture in my house, how a spend my weekends etc. At the moment, I spend most of my Saturday’s doing bits and pieces around the house and errands that I am not able to do during the week. Sunday’s are usually spent catching up on my sleep and seeing family. Now though, I have decided that the all the things I usually do on a Saturday, I am going to spread across the week and the things I do on Sunday I will do on Saturday instead. That way, my Sunday’s are freed up and I can go out and spend time with the family doing activities I don’t usually do.



As I said before, I reevaluated my career. I decided that I wanted to progress in my career and I couldn’t do it as fast as I would have liked in the firm that I am at now. I made that decision to look elsewhere and finally found myself a new job in a much larger firm. Even though I write predominantly about health and fitness, the one piece of advice I can give is you should always strive to be the better version of yourself.

I always think that no one is ever perfect. There is always an aspect of yourself that you can improve on. I have always said I like to push myself to the limit and strive to improve myself to create a better me. That applies to every aspect of my life, not just fitness. That should be the same for you. You should always want to improve yourself and if you are in a sedimentary job, GET. YOURSELF. OUT! There is always a place out there that wants to progress you forward. You just have to find the opportunity.


I always have goals when it comes to fitness. Recently, it has been to gain more muscle and tone myself up. Now, after sitting down and having a long hard think, I have decided that I am going to focus on fat burning for the next month. I will still use weights and weighted machines but I will go back to low weights and high reps to really get that tight look and lose some of the fat I have gained over the past few months. In a months time, I am going to look at the progress I have made and decide whether I should keep going with the fat shredding or change it up to muscle-building.


One thing I find I never have enough time for is my hobbies. One thing I LOVE to do in my spare time is reading. I love reading a good book but the only time I get to read is to and from work on the train. As I have freed up my Sundays, I would like to spend more time reading books that I have on my shelf that I have just not had the time to read. I am also going to try to make time during my evenings to read more before I go to bed. I always find that that is a great way to wind down.

I also want to make more time for blogging. As you may notice, my blogging is very inconsistent. I may write 3 times in one week and not again for a month. From now on, my aim is to write twice a week, if not more. This is another passion of mine and one that I don’t spend enough time on. I don’t just want to spend time writing, I want to spend time doing everything associated with blogging. Tweeting, Instagram, Answering emails, reading comments, updating my site etc. Everything that comes with blogging I want to do.


I’ve told you what I want to change. What about you? What do you want to improve of this season? Let me know. I’d love to hear it!


I am a normal 20 year old who has an extreme passion for fitness. I want to help and motivate others to achieve their fitness goals.

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