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All About Lifting Them Weights

Are you starting out on your fitness journey? Are you constantly doing cardio and not seeing the results you want? Then keep reading. This post will tell you what you are doing wrong and where you need to improve. And before you click off, I know what you’re thinking; ‘I want to lose weight not gain muscle.’ ‘Growing muscle will make girls looks unnatural, like the Hulk.’ Well I’m sorry ladies but you are wrong with a capital W. Women cannot grow to look ‘abnormal’, unless they have an unusual amount of testosterone injected into them. If this is not you, then you’re safe and can start lifting some weights.

As I have explained OVER AND OVER again, weight training is the best thing to ever happen to you. I know that if your gym is anything like mine, it get branded ‘the man room’. That’s just because I only ever see men in there. But to my surprise, women can actually use it too! It’s only when I started watching a Gymshark athlete on Youtube that I realised that the equipment she was using was actually in the ‘man room’ at my gym. I have my boyfriend as a gym buddy so I was able to go in there for the first time with him. He showed me how to use everything the right form to have (which is probably more important than the weights you are lifting).

Lifting Weights to lose fat

It is a fact. If you lift weights, you will lose fat. It’s not a quick process but it will happen. And in return you will gain muscle and get a leaner and stronger looking physique. Why? Because the fat you have stored on your body is turned into muscle when you lift the weights. It’s simple science. It is all to do with the molecule density.

The science? Muscle molecules are a lot denser than fat molecules. This means that more molecules will fill the same space as fat molecules. When you lift weights, you will replace the fat with muscle. And because muscle mass is denser, it will take up less space meaning that you will get a smaller and more defined body. If that’s not THE BEST reason to lift weights then I don’t know what is.

Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

There is a saying that muscle weights more than fat. Technically speaking this isn’t the case. You can get 1kg of fat next to 1kg of muscle and obviously it would weigh the same. Nevertheless. If you think about space, then yes, muscle can weigh more than fat. As I mentioned in the last section, you can get more muscle molecules in one space than you can fat molecules. This means that as there are more molecules when you have muscle, it will tend to weigh more.

This is why when you weight train, you should not be weighing yourself every week. When you start weight training, you will find that you will not be losing weight anymore. Heck! Most of the time you will see in increase in your weight but this is totally normal. As the muscle you are gaining replaces the fat, you will actually put on weight. The one thing you should be tracking is your fat percentage. I use a Boditrax machine at the gym which gives you your body composition but you can also buy tools on Amazon which will help you measure your fat manually. Either way, this is what you should be tracking. This is where you will see a huge difference. If you keep weighing yourself, you will get disheartened and feel like you want to give up. Please don’t. I’ve been through it. I know what I am talking about! Track fat not weight.

Teaming Cardio up with Weight Training

Ladies I have said this time and time again. YOU. NEED. TO. DO. CARDIO. AS. WELL!! I hate it. I think the world hates it. But it has to be done. I still stand by the comments about cardio as being the best way to lose fat. It is. It keeps your heart rate elevated and will burn lots of calories. This will burn fat throughout the whole body. Weight training will give your body that extra boost it needs and will help you gain muscle as well. If you want the lean look and toned figure (which I’m guessing most of you do) then you need to be teaming up cardio with weight training.

I still think weight training is more important though. I would suggest doing cardio 2-3 times a week and the rest of the time doing weight training sessions. The best method I like when it comes to cardio is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Though I avoid HIIT classes like the plague, I don’t mind creating my own ones. I usually sprint for 30 second on the treadmill and then take a 20 second break. I then repeat this 10 times. The same can be done on a bike if you wanted to change things up one day. I find that it is a quick alternative if you really cannot handle cardio. I can think of a lot more things I would rather do (like lift some weights) but when you got to run then you got to run. This is my suggestion to all you ladies whether you are looking to tone or simple get fit. Combining both will definitely help you see those results quicker.


Megan xoxo


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