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5 Reasons To Drink More Water

Water. Water is what everyone needs in their healthy lifestyle. Personally, water is all I drink. I never really get thirsty, mind. I aim to drink a litre of water a day. Maybe 1.5 litres. Realistically, you should be aiming for 2-3 litres a day at least. I am slowly upping my intake but am not quite there yet.

I am going to let you in on 5 reasons why you need to drink more water. Regardless of how much water you drink already, most of the time you will find that it is not enough. If you are like me and don’t really drink much during the day, then I want you to aim to drink a litre of water a day. If you drink 2 litres of water a day, I want you to up it to 3. And these are the reasons why.


1. It Hydrates your body

You probably already know this but I’m going to say it anyway. Water hydrates your body. There is nothing in it. There is nothing bad that can affect your fitness journey. Water has nothing but good benefits. Hydrating your body is key, especially if you workout a lot. If you don’t drink a lot of water before you exercise, you find that you become extremely thirsty and tired. The water you drink during the day is what you bring out at the gym when you sweat. The more you drink, the more sweaty you’ll be in my eyes. If you don’t drink a lot before you exercise, your body will become dehydrated even more after the gym as you have sweated out all the fluid you had left in your body.


2. Water can control your calories

Yep. You heard me right. Water can control your calories, but not in the way you might think. Water is not a magic pill. It will not make you lose all the weight you want if you drink more. But it will help the amount of calories you’re consuming. Doing simple things like substituting fizzy drinks for water can cut your calorie intake by a good amount. It is also recommended that you drink 1 glass of water before every meal. This will not only help you get hydrated, but it makes you full before you start eating, meaning that you will eat less food. In turn, you will be consuming more calories.


3. It hydrates your skin

Water is not only extremely good for hydrating your body, it’s also good for hydrating your skin too. Your skin contains fluid anyway so consuming extra means that a protective layer can form, keeping the skin in better condition that it was before. It also help the elasticity of the skin so wrinkles are less likely to appear.


4. Bad toxins can get flushed out of the system

Yes. Bad toxins do exist and they live right in your body. Water, which I find can cure anything, helps to flush out these bad toxins from your system. Without bad toxins, your body is able to flow better and you will find it easier to lose weight. It will also help reduce the water weight and stop you feeling so bloated. There are also health risks like kidney stones they occur when the bad toxins are in your body so it is key to flush them out everyday.


5. It prevents a hangover

Ladies, I know most of you out there would love a drink. I love to go out and drink. Personally, I don’t know whether it’s because I’m quite young but I have never had a hangover. Trust me, I drink a lot. Not every weekend. Hardly ever when you think of ever day that passes but when I drink, I DRINK!!! But still, I never seem to get a hangover. And the reason? Water. Half way through the night I always find myself getting thirsty. However much alcohol I drink, it can never seem to quench my thirst so I turn to water. Not every time I go out. Sometimes it’s when I get home, but I am always thirsty. I drink probably a pint, maybe 2, of water and then I am fine again. When I wake up the next day, I haven’t got a hangover.

I honestly think that’s where the saying comes from when you ‘water down’ a drink. It makes it weaker and when I drink that pint or 2 of water, I have watered down all the alcohol in my system. It’s probably a combination of that and the fact I go to the toilet every two seconds. At some point, all the alcohol leaves my system and I wake up feeling, a little bit thirsty, my skin always feels a little bit dry but on the whole, I feel fine.


So these are my 5 reasons why you should drink more water. They are probably the most valid reasons I can think of and the most important. I quite enjoy drinking water and feel quite satified when I reach my daily goal of that 1.5 litre.



Megan xoxo



I am a normal 20 year old who has an extreme passion for fitness. I want to help and motivate others to achieve their fitness goals.

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